5 ways that I helped my children quickly gain confidence

  1. I let my children design their own garden
  2. I feel it is really important that my children, (I have identical twin girls), have a space they can call their own. A space that they can shape and mold themselves, without interference from daddy.

    So I cleared an area in the backyard so the girls could design and build their very own garden. A space where they call the shots – where they decide what to plant, and where.
    I let my children design their own garden
    An area they can nurture and tend themselves without daddy hovering around. A space where they can be themselves, and develop their own personalities and style.

  3. I gave my children their own garden tools
  4. To help them quickly gain confidence, I gave them their own garden tools – the Little Green Fingers Gardening Set. This is a child size garden tool set which and is perfect for little hands to help with the gardening. The tools are kids size, so the handles fit their little hands perfectly.

    The Little Green Fingers Gardening Set includes three tools; a shovel, a trowel, and a cultivator, plus a very durable gardening bag.

    I wanted them to feel a sense of ownership and a sense of empowerment. I didn’t want them to feel worried about breaking or damaging daddy’s tools. I wanted them to feel they were in control and not feel pressured if something broke or went wrong.
    I gave my children their own garden tools

  5. I let my children get messy and dirty
  6. I try very hard not to be “helicopter parent”. A helicopter parent is a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child’s experiences and problems. Helicopter parents are so named because, like helicopters, they constantly hover overhead.

    I feel it is extremely important to let my girls get dirty, messy, and truly experience the great outdoors – and their own garden. I don’t get upset when they get covered in mud and dirt after a fun afternoon tending their garden. I think it’s a very important part of growing up.

    Digging in dirt, planting seeds and plants, watering the garden, and watching their little patch of dirt grow beautiful flowers and vegetables is not only fun, but develops skills that will stay with them forever. It also teaches them about the weather, the seasons, the little creatures that live in the dirt and backyard, and how nature is a good thing and should be treasured – and all that dirt and muck helps their immune system too.
    I let my children get messy and dirty

  7. I tell my children that I trust them
  8. It’s very important that your children know that you trust them. Showing trust really gives them a confidence boost, and makes them feel you believe in them.

    And I know it can be hard to do – especially when there are so many bad things, and people, in this world.

    With their garden I let them choose the flowers and seeds they want to plant. I let them choose where in their garden they plant their “treasures”. And I don’t interfere when they do the planting – even when it goes wrong (and yes, some flowers have died because they have been planted badly – but this is all part of imparting trust, and helping build their confidence).

    I don’t want my girls to feel they have to always ask my permission about every little thing. I want them to feel that they can make their own choices, and that I will be OK with that. And giving them their own patch of dirt to call their own, and empowering them to nurture this space themselves helps them learn to be independent, and teaches them that they can tackle challenges on their own.

  9. I let my children create their own adventure
  10. I remember when I was a kid my mum would say “don’t come back inside the house until it’s dinner time”. So I ended up spending a lot of time in our backyard; exploring, digging and planting in the garden, making cubby houses, climbing trees, and generally getting messy and dirty. And I want my little girls to have the same fun experiences like I did.
    I believe it’s really important for my girls to feel they have control over their own adventures and experiences – and that daddy won’t interfere or take over. I want them grow up being strong, confident, independent women, that can rely on their own skills, intellect, and intuition to tackle any situation.

    So if a gift like the Little Green Fingers Gardening Set can help build their confidence, then it’s a very small investment for my girls that has a huge and long lasting payback.