About Us

Happy Caterpillar manufacture the Little Green Fingers Gardening Set. This 4 piece set of childrens gardening tools and tough canvas tote bag are made from quality steel, timber, and canvas, and are specially made for kids smaller hands – and their rough treatment !

Lillian and Julia ready for another day in the back yard garden

Lillian and Julia ready for another day in the back yard garden

Our product testers, Lillian and Julia, have certainly given the Little Green Fingers Gardening Set the full “back yard workout”, and have used their Little Green Fingers Gardening Set for a whole bunch of gardening projects over the past year.

At Happy Caterpillar, we believe that children need to explore the world around them, and gardening in the backyard is a great and safe way to start the adventure. By exploring the world for themselves, children gain confidence and learn that they can be independent and can tackle challenges. Gardening also teaches children about nature, the seasons, and the bugs and plants that inhabit their backyard and that it’s also fun to play in the dirt and get messy.

Getting messy and dirty is fun. Digging in dirt, planting seeds and plants, watering the garden, and watching their little patch of dirt grow beautiful flowers and vegetables is not only fun, but develops skills that will stay with them forever. It also teaches them about the weather, the seasons, the little creatures that live in the dirt and backyard, and how nature is a good thing and should be treasured – and it helps their immune system too.

It has been found that those who don’t spend enough time outside in nature – in the backyard – suffer from a range of behavioral and health problems. These problems have been called “nature deficit disorder”.

This is why we’re selling the Little Green Fingers Gardening Set – so kids can have fun in the back yard and stay healthy at the same time.